So how exactly does this work?

We’ve streamlined the creative process to make it easy for brands to make highly engaging effects for a fraction of the cost of “white glove” AR agencies. And in a jiff! Simply choose a template as a starting point, select your preferred options, upload creative assets (if applicable) and we’ll get a developer working on it straight away!

Why invest in Instagram effects?

AR effects are one of the quickest ways to gain “viral” attention, as evidenced by the meteoric rise of AR influencers. A catchy AR effect can make you insta-famous!

Can I choose which creator I work with?

Some of our effects are licensed exclusively by a particular AR creator. For more generic templates, we work with a network of top developers to build your customized AR effect.

I’m an AR developer -- how do I get my template listed?

Awesome! You can submit an application here

Are you hiring AR developers?

Yes! We’re interviewing developers of all skill levels to meet the growing demand for Instagram effects. You can submit your application here

How does payment work?

Similar to how other creator marketplaces work, we hold your funds in escrow until the final work is delivered.

Are revisions included?

All templates include a set of revisions so you get your effect the way you want it.

What happens if I want a refund?

If you’re not happy with the final product after a round of revisions, we’ll help you find a template that better suits your needs.

How does effect Factory make money?

We take a percentage of each custom effect sold.

What happens if Instagram disapproves my effect?

We take precautionary measures to ensure that all effects comply with Facebook’s terms & conditions. If for some reason your effect is disapproved, we will make necessary revisions to get your effect in compliance.

Ready to unlock the power of Instagram AR?