Study: Instagram AR effects result in avg 173% follower growth

Study: Instagram AR effects result in avg 173% follower growth


AR effects have quickly become one of the most effective ways to achieve organic follower growth on Instagram, especially given the recent automation crackdown

To understand the extent of Instagram AR's impact on follower growth, we analyzed 134 Instagram accounts that published at least one (1) AR effect and looked at their follower growth between May '19 and Feb '20. Here's the dataset we compiled.


Users with 5 or more AR effects experienced a 173% increase in follower growth compared with 37% increase for users with 1-4 effects. In comparison, an average Instagram influencer saw *22% growth during the same period. 

Key Takeaway

Producing 5+ AR effects can nearly 10x your Instagram growth potential, while 1-4 AR effects can nearly double it.

Why AR effects translate to follower growth?

So what are the main drivers behind AR publisher's follower growth?

  1. AR effects are highly shareable - they’re fun, easy to use, and accessible to all users on Instagram. 
  2. Publishers are automatically tagged in stories when their effect is used, which drives traffic back to their profile.
  3. Users are incentivized to follow accounts with multiple AR effects in order to see their entire AR collection. (see below)


*We arrived at 22% by extrapolating 16% growth over 6 months (or 2.66% per month) to 22% over 8 months (16 + 5.33 = 21.33%).